Community Volunteer

Sandy was instrumental in persuading Temple B'rith Kodesh's Social Action Group to make the
transition from a discussion group to an action organization. In 1971, Sandy co-founded TEMPRO an organization to build temporary housing for families whose houses were destroyed by fire or other causes. This program, now under the auspices of the Lewis Street Settlement House and the
Department of Social Agencies, is still in operation today. Since 1994, he has also been. a supporter of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Sandy has served on the boards and committees of numerous community organizations.

Sandy has also received numerous honors and awards for his service as a community volunteer:

       Community Federation (1987)
       where he witnessed the replacement of the Communist Party flag with a new Russian flag and
       the installation of Boris Yeltsin as the new Russian President (1991)
       President Bill Clinton, Palestinian Chairman Yasser Arafat, and Israel Prime Minister Yitzhak
       Rabin (1993)

Sandy has also been recognized for his athletic achievements: